Ramification from the Bandra Cross demolition has left Catholics in a devastated mood. No happiness for a pious and honourable community, but utter remorse and disgust. Even Moses or Malachi could never have imagined such calamity would come down on Christians in the 21st century. The demolition has shown the rise of fanaticism. Under the pretext of disguises it is raising its ugly head to change secular India – to propagate their own thoughts and beliefs. The formation of ‘gau rakshaks’, who take law into their own hands, with support from right wing fanatics in government & alliance partners, foretells hidden motive.

There was no need for the H-Ward AMC to take such stringent measures to demolish the Cross on 29th April 2017.

In conniving with a political party & to appease ‘Marathi Manoos’, the action of demolition is grossly ‘suspicious’. It was all pre-planned much in advance, probably from the time a Bishop came riding on a horse carriage with all pomposity, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of maintenance by the cross caretakers. The ‘evil eye’ could not bear to see such happiness, flowing from the heart of zone worshippers, parading through the streets. At this time, the die was cast by the ‘evil eye’, to demolish the Cross. And an ‘evil eye’ is more venomous than the bite of the Cobra. The date & time of demolition was so well planned that it left no time for the Catholic community to move a Chamber Summons – & seek a stay order, because the Courts had recessed for summer vacation.

The AMC’s argument that they also demolished a ‘Sai Baba’ facade 50 meters from the Cross at same time, is no justification for the barbarous act of bull dozing a 122 year old Cross. According to the Archeological Survey of India – you cannot alter, repair and demolish any structure which is 100 years old and deemed as a heritage site. If this was not so, the Taj Mahal would have gone for a toss. But the demolition of Babri Masjid and the series of bomb blasts that followed, has shown that the fanatics do not provoke Muslims, come what may.

So the lesson learnt is – go for ‘soft targets’.

That same ‘Sai Baba’ photo on a private wall is recent and not century old as the Cross. Even though it may be illegal, it did not cause any disturbance to people of other faiths. So why was this ‘Rambo style officer’ of the H-Ward West unnecessarily creating disharmony among other faiths? Rather than doing something sacrilegious, he should target illegal structures – built with black money.

H-Ward West carries the dubious distinction of permitting buildings to be built in cramped spaces, where there is no space for vehicle entry. Four separate complaints were lodged with H-West Ward, for the demolition of encroachments along Sea-Side Cemetery wall, where two storey high structures have come up & draining water into the graveyard. Yet, no action has been taken, because there is a nexus between parties that benefit from this illegal construction. Money has exchanged hands. This is the character of our country, high on corruption & low on morals.

The BMC must reinstate the Cross at own cost & transfer the officer forthwith, for a ‘heinous crime against society’.

Amar Singh