With consumption of beef and pork dropping low, there has been a considerable rise in demand for white meat, in other words, chicken. To meet these mounting demands, poultry farmers and meat producers are on their toes delivering chicken infused with antibiotics, which make them grow bigger and faster.

According to a study conducted by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) samples of chicken were tested to check the amount of antibiotics present in them. It came to light that residues of six antibiotics, namely chlortetracycline, oxytetracycline, doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, enrofloxacin and neomycin were found in 40% of those samples.

Why is it a grief concern? Antibiotics found in livestock are also used to treat humans and considered to be medically vital. Antibiotics like enrofloxacin have been banned by the Food & Drug Association (F.D.A.), as they lead to a type of drug-resistant bacteria known as Campylobacter, which is detected in cases of food poisoning in humans. The widespread use of antibiotic in both humans and animals are contributing heavily towards emergence of the so called “superbugs” that are drug-resistant bacteria.

When humans are infected with superbugs, they can get infections. These infections are complex to treat, as the bacteria resist the effect of antibiotics.

Statistics have estimated 700,000 people worldwide have died due to drug-resistant infections annually and the count is expected to cross 10 million by 2050.

Big Epidemic in making. Other healthiest option could be to stop the consumption of antibiotics without a valid prescription. Stop picking medicines off of the counter and self-treating yourself. Regular use of antibiotics can lead to your body getting immune to the bacteria that causes infections. When your body is hit by a worse type of infection like dengue or tuberculosis, it becomes resistant to drugs that are meant to combat these illnesses.

As we enter the next phase of world medical history, let’s curb the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria that is one of the most alarming health emergencies globally. Opt for prescription drugs instead, so as to help these drugs retain their usefulness.

Having prescription drugs for even the most common health problems, like cold and cough, can go a long way in maintaining your health, as they’re suggested in right dosages by your doctor.

If medical cost is your major concern, there are online pharmacies like PharmEasy that offer FLAT 20% off on prescription medicines. These emerging systems also support prescription of generic medicines in order to make quality healthcare more accessible and affordable to all sectors of the society.

Why buy medicines through Prescription only…
Safe & Convenient: Online pharmacies do not entertain sale of drugs without prescription and restraint the sale of any spurious drugs. They track the date of purchase of medicines and send a reminder to the customer on when to order next, so that the regimen is maintained.

Discourage self-medication: Only after a registered medical practitioner has issued a valid prescription that the order is processed by an online pharmacy. No medicines are sold online without valid prescriptions. A patient cannot buy his/her choice of medicine online, as suggested by a friend or a relative to treat his/her illness.

Drug Abuse: E-pharmacies that come under the purview of Indian Internet Pharmacy Association (IIPA) do not allow the sale of restricted Schedule X medicines through their platforms. Therefore, customers cannot buy any restricted medicines online. For chronic diseases, patients are required to provide the e-pharmacists with a valid prescription, thus ensuring their safety.

Drug recall: E-pharmacies have made it easier to track down medicines that are of unsatisfactory quality. This helps people from buying low quality drugs that can have severe health implications if consumed.

Source of medicines: All the medicine sales conducted online are recorded digitally with the patient details, drug batch number, expiry date, etc. that enables to track the order from the distribution unit where the medicines are procured to the end consumer of the drug. A proper invoice is generated to ensure no drug is sold illegally. The drugs are dispensed from licensed pharmacies, which buy drugs from licensed distributors & are regulated by the FDA.

Discourage quacks and alternative medicine practitioners: Online pharmacies cannot prescribe medicines to a patient with his/her knowledge even if that has helped to treat other person’s illness. All the e-pharmacies are tied-up with licensed retailers, who are under the supervision of licensed pharmacists and only after verifying the validity of the prescription is the order undertaken.

Attractive discounts: To encourage business, online pharmacies provide high discounts, sometimes up to 50% depending on the purchase amount of medicines and also to first time customers to retain them for long. People with low income can benefit from such schemes as they can buy medicines at affordable rates.

Aamit Khanna