The writing is on the wall – the evidence is everywhere – lips are sealed with fear & this had to have an outburst somewhere, at some time soon. With print mainstream media muzzled by the powers-that-be, activists & common people have taken to social media in a big way – to express their pent up feelings. The result were several simultaneous global protests #NotInMyName & in Mumbai, it was held, despite torrential rain, on Carter road promenade on 28th June 2017 – many holding placards describing burning issues facing our country. The mob killings, lynchings, beatings & rape all over India, with alleged government silence; have created a weird fear, hanging in the air. Imagine, killing over what food we eat? Speaking to several protesters, the common emotional message was ‘as clear as mud’. However, the common words were: “Are we living in an undeclared ‘Emergency’?”

Shahid Shaikh (real name withheld) boldly told us, “The government should be doing their job – i.e. seeing that law and order is maintained throughout India. Crime perpetrators need to be brought to book – without any lame excuses. Stop the killings, or kill me.” Another angry protester, Hema Kaur (real name withheld) said, “All over India, we now have the law of the jungle – might is right. Mobs rule – according to their whims & fancies. Why is everyone scared? Is the government blind? We now are seeing all this in the news. Tomorrow it could be you or me!” The protesters kept coming from all directions to the amphitheatre – opp. CCD and the atmosphere was getting charged with emotions. As the protest tempo grew, a group started singing patriotic songs, with others joining in. Then, more protesters joined in – with a gusto that reached a crescendo just before the dark clouds burst with a heavy downpour; dispersing the huddled crowd, who protested about the shameful situation that Indians are witnessing today. They proudly proclaimed, that this was ‘#NotInMyName’.

This was show of solidarity, by concerned citizens, at its best – while the world viewed and got insights about what is really happening all over India.

Bandra Buzz Team