An initiative to get the youth involved in ‘environment saving activities’, was taken forward by the Bhamla Foundation & the BMC; by getting several Bandra Schools to participate on World Forest Day – on 7th June 2017 at St. Stanislaus School Hall. Principals of, Apostolic Carmel Convent, Duruelo Convent, Anjuman-I-Islam’s Girls School, St. Joseph Convent and the host St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra; along with student representation, gathered to understand the environment messages from those who matter.

Speaking on our environment, “Bandra Girl”, Pooja Bhatt told the audience Auxilium Convent that if we believe that this earth is a gift from God, and we are trustees or stewards – then it is our duty to protect this gift given to us and leave it in a better condition than when we found it. We need to walk our talk. Speaking to a packed audience of students, she told them that each one could make a huge difference. So, “be the change” – plant more saplings, that will be trees in the near future. Then, Pooja got singer Shaan to sing the Stanislaus School Anthem, with active participation from the audience.

Asif Bhamla spoke how the state government decided this year, to take ‘Forest Day’ to new enhancements, by planning to plant 4 crore trees across Maharashtra. On behalf of Bhamla Foundation, Bandra ALMs & the BMC; he thanked Fr. Frazier, Fr. Andrew, Principal Anna Correa, H-West Ward AMC –Sharad Ughade, Shaan, Pooja Bhatt, Wajid, Mittal & others for taking time out to encourage our youth to take ‘environment saving’ steps. He elaborated that the main motto of Bhamla Foundation was ‘Zero Garbage’ – done by separating wet & dry garbage & composting it, with the help of local resident associations. This ensures cleanliness. Also, he spoke about the need for each one of us to save water – which is a scarce resource. Students in the audience pledged to do their bit – with a show of hands.

St. Joseph Convent plant some saplings

Earlier, Fr. Frazier told Bandra Buzz how St. Stanislaus School premises had fitted solar panels to reduce their electricity bills (they have received zero charges bill from their Electricity Power Provider) and simultaneously conserve our environment, by using clean energy. He further told us, that this also has great educational value, as students realise the value of reducing our carbon footprint & contributing towards the global issue of climate change – at a young age.

This was followed by a tree planting session at the Stanislaus background, led by Pooja Bhatt and other celebrities. After this all participating school groups went marching along Hill Road, to Carmel Convent to plant some saplings there and then to St. Joseph Convent for some more planting of saplings – spreading awareness to others by placard messages, with the theme of ‘Save Our Environment’.

All in all, this was an excellent way of imbibing the importance of saving our environment, keeping our surrounding clean and green, reducing our carbon footprint and climate change.

Jairam Gaikwad