Commuting from Pali Mala to Rizvi Complex via Sherly Rajan Road is a nightmare – even in broad daylight. It has everything for an accident to occur at any time. This stretch is an important link to Bandra’s North West, which has seen a population boom in the last 30 years. And these moon-like craters are the cause of sprained ankles, unexpected splashes of water on your new pant or dress – and worst of all, a sudden turn to avoid a pothole & you get hit by a vehicle.

Oh, for good roads! Till a couple of years back, this road had paver blocks that had improved the surface, making commuting comfortable. There were sign posts at Mala & Rizvi complex ends, prohibiting heavy vehicles & buses. Then, due to vested interests; these signs disappeared. Also, for no apparent reason; the paver blocks were removed & the road resurfaced with tar. The potholes that we see now are a result of a job done incorrectly. Local residents are furious. Jayesh Kelkar told us, “Are our elected representatives blind to our daily plight? Now, we only see them just before elections. We plan to collectively file a PIL against the concerned BMC officials.”

Meanwhile, there are many other bad roads in across Bandra; that need highlighting. Our readers are encouraged to point them out to us, via email or on Bandra Buzz social media platforms. The BMC needs to give us a better deal for the taxes that we pay, which go towards their salaries. It is our birth right – and we will have it.

Bandra Buzz had posted a video put on their Facebook page on 22nd July 2017 to highlight the problems faced by residents.

Manoj Lalwani