7 years of creating community connect


    Oh yes, you heard it right! We are turning 7 years this month & as the countdown begins today, we are giving our dear readers, advertisers and well-wishers a reason to be a part of our special edition which also happens to be our 100th print edition.

    So for those of you buggers reading this who want to place birthday wishes, season greetings or even promotion of your business, call us quickly as space is running out and we don’t want a jam as it is Bandra is full of traffic no! What your wasting time on Facebook bugger pick up phone and buzz us men 🙋

    Call 9820783686 or 9920299787 or email advertise.bandrabuzz@gmail.com#bandrabuggers #allbuggersmen #bandrabuzznewspaperturns7 #creatingcommunityconnect #since2010